Spear Point Energy’s mission is to provide reliable, competitive, distributed solar power systems throughout America.

Spear Point Energy is an independent power producer and developer of distributed solar projects for utilities, government and commercial customers. We develop, build and operate distributed solar power systems – typically, 500 kW – 20 MW each – marketing renewable electricity at competitive rates to customers in North America. Spear Point partners with best-in-class construction firms and proven funding sources to deploy reliable solar photovoltaic systems. Through power purchase agreements and innovative solar lease programs, Spear Point provides customers with clean, renewable energy from solar with no upfront costs and savings that carry through the life of the system.

Spear Point only uses proven solar photovoltaic technology to meet ever increasing energy demands, with clean power located at the site where the energy is used. Thanks to declining equipment costs and a combination of federal, state, and electric utility project incentives, Spear Point solar solutions are becoming increasingly viable across the United States.

Benefits to Expect when working with Spear Point Energy


  • No Upfront Capital Expense
  • Stabilize Energy Costs
  • Capture Your Solar Resources
  • Contribute to a Renewable Future
  • Employ Proven Technology
  • Maximize Savings
  • Monitor Your Energy Demand Real Time
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