Spear Point Energy works closely with federal, state, and local government clients to construct and manage PV systems that preserve operating budgets and reduce energy cost fluctuations for years to come.  Spear Point Energy works with underutilized resources – such as rooftops and unused land, parking lots and converts them into energy producing assets.


  • Electricity cost savings
  • Zero capital requirements
  • Hedge against future energy price volatility
  • Diversification of energy portfolio
  • Protect against embedded corporate risks
  • Potential source of lease revenue
  • Help meet environmental targets
  • Enhanced energy resilience


Spear Point Energy works with government entities of all sizes to lower electricity costs and reduce exposure to energy price uncertainty into the future. Through a Spear Point Energy Power Purchase Agreement, state, county, and municipal structures can enjoy a custom built solar Spear Point PV array on their premises and a stream of cost-assured energy for the next twenty to twenty-five years – all without having to reallocate capital or contemplate additional operations and maintenance hires.

By saving money and mitigating uncertain electricity costs into the future, our clients can focus resources on other operational objectives while resting assured of superior solar electricity production through our solar electricity services.  Spear Point Energy enables government entities to directly realize the value of federal incentives in the form of lower electricity payments.



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