Colleges and Universities have a special opportunity to lead in the transition to a world powered by sunlight.

Spear Point Energy makes solar energy affordable and risk-free by installing a solar electric system at your location that we own and maintain, saving you the initial expense of buying equipment and the ongoing cost of regular maintenance. Our specialty is putting together a financing package from a variety of public and private sources that makes solar power financially attractive to your organization.

Solar electric systems have obvious environmental, economic and community benefits. Spear Point Energy designs custom photovoltaic systems to maximize the benefits for each customer responding to their unique situation and priorities. Spear Point Energy’s Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) can leverage tax-exempt financing, energy tax credits, accelerated depreciation, and other solar incentives to offer the lowest cost solution for colleges and universities.

Spear Point Energy works with underutilized resources – such as rooftops and unused fields and converts them into energy producing assets for the school. Further, with a Spear Point Energy offers kiosks that allow students, faculty, and other stakeholders to closely observe the generation of solar electricity.



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