Why Work With Spear Point Energy?

Spear Point has worked diligently to create the best possible energy solution for our clients. To that end we deliver:

Proven Track Record

With operational excellence, Spear Point has made solar a reality for partners across the US and prides itself on 100% client satisfaction. Spear Point Energy has 15MW of solar both developed and under development and over 50MW of projects in the pipeline.

Financial Strength and Longevity

Backed by the 6th largest bank in the US, Spear Point brings unmatched strength to the solar industry that is crucial in a long-term relationship.


Throughout our relationships, our experienced energy experts help our clients make sense of current energy costs and demand so they can make an informed decision about their future strategy.

The Highest Quality Projects

Spear Point utilizes superior engineering, components, and installation techniques to ensure that every project optimizes the energy production potential for its specific location over design life.

Real-Time Monitoring

The production of every Spear Point Energy systems is monitored in real-time. If there is ever a dip in performance below expected levels, Spear Point Energy dispatches technicians to assess and rectify any disturbance.

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